Check Contractors License

The PCCA encourages you to use the resources at the Contractor State License Board to research your contractor choices before you hire them.
Click Here to check a license: Check License Online

Using an unlicensed contractor may seem like a good deal at the
beginning of the project, but it can cost you far more in the long run.

The PCCA monitors it’s members to make sure they are maintaining
their licenses however we still urge you to get several bids and
research the contractors in great detail before you hire them.  Get
references, detailed estimates, and be prepared to read and
understand everything.  If you feel rushed or pressured, walk away.

The Placer County Contractors Association regularly reviews the
License Status of our members.  Use the PCCA members for your
home improvement or new construction project.  The PCCA promotes
safe working conditions, licensed and insured contractors, verifiable
references and quality workmanship.  All these efforts go towards
making sure your project is completed by qualified workers, and your
investment is protected by not exposing you to injury claims made by
uninsured and unlicensed contractors who may get hurt on your

Important! You are liable for any Unlicensed contractors and their
employees who get injured on your property.  It doesn’t matter if they
claim to be licensed, check their license status and insist on
insurance certificates that you can verify. Unlicensed Contractors are
Your Employee’s!